Press Release – 4th day of the jal satyagraha

4th day of the Jal Satyagrah : Stayagrahis stand in water with blistered feet

District administration giving false statement

The affected people determined to stand-up against grave injustice 

The Jal Satyagrah in village Gogalgaon has entered its 4th day. The stayagrahis have developed blisters on their feet due to standing in water continuously. But the determination of the satyagrahis is hight. Thousand of onkarsershwar dam affected people have been protesting against increasing the water level of the dam and causing submergence without rehabilitation and 34 people along with senior activist of Narmada Bachao Andolan Chittaroopa Palit are on a Jal Staygrah, and have been continuously standing in water. The other thousands of people have been sitting on dharna alongside.

The district administrations statement is false and misleading

The statement issued by the Collector of Khandwa stating that compensation has been given to all Omkareshwar and Indra Sagar dam affected people and that the state owes them nothing is not just false but misleading. It is surprising that during the meeting Officers of Narmada Hydro Development Corporation(NHDC), the company building the dams, spoke only about compensation and not about the rehabilitation of the affected people in accordance with the Rehabilitation Policy. According to the Supreme Court orders the affected people need to be given not just compensation but land for land and other rehabilitation entitlements as per Rehabilitation Policy and this must be done 6 months prior to submergence. NHDC and the state government are aware that the Supreme Court, the High Court and recently even the Grievance Redressal Authority (GRA) has clearly stated in their orders that NHDC and the State Government have not adhered to the Rehabilitation Policy. Recently the GRA in first 225 orders has asked the state to give land for land the displaced people. Therefore, the statement of District Administration is in direct violation and contempt of Supreme Court orders. The state and NHDC still has to rehabilitate the affected people by giving land for land. Also in both these projects thousands of house still have to be acquired and in the Indra Sagar Project, in 38 villages even the back water survey has not been done.

Oustees  determined to continue fight against injustice

The Omkareshwar and Indira Sagar dam oustees have pledged that they will fight for their rehabilitation rights and will not accept the injustice of the Government. They will not leave their homes and lands without getting their rights and are ready to give up their lives for the same.


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